Meyda 113374 - 31"W X 13"H Utica Club Stained Glass Window

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Meyda Tiffany
Custom Made to Order
SKU 113374
31"W X 13"H Utica Club Stained Glass Window
Colors Bawg Flame Lt Blue
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A custom crafted stained glass window featuring theUtica Club logo, the symbol of the popular beer brandwhich was introduced in 1933 as the first beerofficially sold after Prohibition in the US. The RedUtica Club logo with Blue outlined letters is featuredon a Wispy Golden Ale colored background with a gentletexture of shallow river rapids. The window was createdusing Meyda Tiffany's famous copperfoil constructionprocess. The frame is finished in Black and hangingchains are included. Meyda offers complete customcapabilities to create stained glass windows orlighting featuring any design, company name or logo.
Weight 47
Height 13"
Width 31
UPC 705696063314
Collection Utica Club
$720.00 $360.00
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